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Price: $29.99

  • The amazing expandable Pocket Hose just keeps getting better!
  • It's now 6X stronger with the exclusive Bullet Shell outer casing and a new and improved Connector Protector on both ends to prevent drips
  • Still easy to use, too! Won't ever kink or tangle. The durable hose expands when the water is turned on, then contracts and shrinks to its original size when the water is turned off. Lightweight and easy to store
  • Includes a free removable brass spray nozzle with three adjustable settings
  • 3/4" wide hose expands to 50 feet! Then shrinks back to original size
  • Lightweight and Easy to Store
  • As Seen on TV
  • See 100 foot option below:
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Price: $49.99

  • The Pocket Hose Top Brass is a collapsible hose perfect for watering gardens or washing cars
  • New Dura Rib Technology makes the Pocket Hose a more flexible hose
  • Has brass protectors to seal in water while connected to faucet and leak proof outing lining throughout hose to prevent tearing
  • The outer Solar Stripe Shield protects from damaging UV rays, extending the life of your Pocket Hose
  • This 2017 addition hose is 100 ft long, stretching far easily with kink and tangle resistance
  • See 50 ft option below:
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Price: $19.99

  • As Seen on TV Fuller Brush Full Crystal Window and All Purpose Cleaner
  • The new ultra-effective, multi-purpose cleaning system for windows, cars, boats, patio furniture and more.
  • As seen on TV, this remarkable outdoor window cleaner attaches to any garden hose to tackle all your toughest cleaning jobs with ease
  • The specially engineered bottle has a powerful fan nozzle that reaches up to 27 feet high. Bid goodbye to wobbly ladders and awkward extension poles! 
  • No need to remove screens - Cleans screens & windows at the same time!
  • Safe To Use - Harmless to grass plants & shrubs
  • Engineered Bottle - Clean and Rinse in one step 
  •  Great for household cleaning use and for washing cars as well
  • Includes Bottle and 4 oz Full Crystal Powder
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Price: $9.97

  • Don't rely on your dryer lint trap to get all the fuzz!
  • Fact is, almost 35% of clothing lint and hairs sneak by the trap and become lodged in the space behind - a condition that not only damages the motor but can also create a fire hazard.
  • This flexible brush reaches into the area behind the trap to remove debris clogging the sides. Soft resilient polyester bristles remove lint...but won't scratch.
  • Also works great to clean dirt and lint from under dryer.
  • A quality product from Fuller Brush! 28" long with vinyl handle.
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Price: $1.97

  • Ritz Clean 2pk Nylon Mesh Lint Traps for Washing Machines
  • Easy lint removal to prevent clogging
  • Elastic band fits any drain nozzle up to 2" wide
  • No ties needed
  • Durable nylon mesh
  • 2 pack - each trap measures 8.5in x 3in
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Price: $9.97

  • The Utility Mat by Mohawk is made of 100% vinyl making for easy clean up as all you need to do it shake it out
  • Perfect for keeping your floors clean, the textured surface traps debris
  • Soft and squishy, almost sponge like the Utility Mat will not disappoint
  • The size being 17”x29” is great for all entrance ways, garage, deck or patio
  • Quality by Mohawk Home
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Price: $7.97

  • The Boot Tray by Mohawk is an excellent way to keep your entrance way clean and organized
  • Fall and winter are right around the corner; with the Boot Tray you can protect your floors from the winter salt, mud, grass and much more from the bottom of your boots
  • The Boot Tray can be used for several purposes: boot tray, a pet food bowl protector, or a base for watering your plants
  • Made of 100% polypropylene, the boot tray is long lasting, durable and includes a pretty design
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